The First Anniversary Gift Your Husband Will Pretend to Love

Updated: May 21, 2020

Anniversary gift buying is hard, but this 1 item gift guide will help start you on the path to the perfect 1st anniversary gift, 11 months early.

Let's talk anniversaries, shall we? They're supposed to be fun and romantic and make us "reconnect to our spouses by remembering our wedding day;" or whatever hallmark says to sell our dear husbands those overpriced cards.

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly REMEMBER my wedding day, it went by in a blink and most of what I can remember has fallen under the haze of exhaustion and maybe one too many glasses of champagne. What I do remember is how much I love my husband, like I’m literally obsessed with him, and as a result I tend to overthink things.

SO, naturally, I started thinking of our first anniversary like a week after our wedding. My family is big on tradition, and the first anniversary is the paper anniversary. At first, I was thinking of tickets of some kind, we love going to comedy shows together and that was my immediate reflex, easy, on theme and something fun I knew he’d love, but that’s too expected. So, I thought harder, and came up with what has to be the most romantic and also the EASIEST first anniversary gift to ever exist, I mean I would love it, so who wouldn’t?

Of course, I began my search on amazon(naturally) and found a cute journal with “Mr. and Mrs.” etched on the front, it was perfect. It arrived on my doorstep and was promptly hidden from my husband, much like the other amazon packages that seem to appear on our front porch more often than I’m willing to admit. Now for my brilliant idea?

I’m writing to my husband, as often as I can or feel like it, for the year leading up to our first anniversary, a “dear john” vibe, if you will, but less sad. I started off the first entry explaining to (future) him what I was doing with this journal and made a bulleted list of things that were going on in our life, so that we never forget what our first year of marriage was like. If I’m being perfectly honest, this journal might be more for me than it is for him. There’s only a handful of entries so far (maybe 12) but that’s the beauty of it, you can write as frequently or as infrequently as you want.

I’ve written to him when I’m happy, when I miss him, when I think of something funny to tell him in the future, even when I’m mad and think I want to kill him. Because I want this journal to be as real and raw as our relationship is, I don’t want to sugarcoat our life together or pretend marriage is always easy and perfect, because it isn’t, and it shouldn’t be.


The things I write to him about aren’t always earth-shattering revelations or big events, more often the entries have been small things; moments that would be lost in time if I didn’t capture them and close them between the pages of our first year of marriage.


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